Welcome to My Blog!

Well I admit that I am new to this, so bear with me while I figure things out and put up something that all of you will find interesting to read.

A little about me first – why not it IS my Blog….  I have been trading actively for about 35 years.  Everything from T-Bonds, T-Bills, stocks, options, futures – pretty much everything possible except for Forex.  I simply feel that the futures are a better deal to trade then Forex.  If you think differently – be my guest and leave a comment below.

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Currently I am focused on trading Weekly Options as you might have guessed by the name of this Blog.  Weekly Options are set by the CBOE – Chicago Board Options Exchange, and right now they are a work in progress.  This means that new ones are still being added and also others are being removed.  To check the current list of weekly options please visit:  http://www.cboe.com/TradTool/Symbols/SymbolWeeklys.aspx.

This blog will not be a primer on option trading – but we will define the terms that we will use – for example option greeks, and how to use them in trading option strategies.

This blog will discuss current market conditions, weekly options, use of weekly options for trading, trading strategies for weekly options, my trading and anything else that I and you the reader might find interesting.

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