A quick bit of background information about the trades that I am currently doing. First I am trading AAPL and VXX intraday – directionally – using the weekly options. AAPL and VXX tend to trend very well and also give opportunities for adding to a profitable position. Secondly there arise special situations that I go directional on the major indices, currencies, or metals using longer term, usually monthly options. Currently I have a long call position on GDX. The signal used is described in the free report you receive in return for your email. Use that information and look around the May 17, 2011 and you will see why I went long GDX.  These are all past trades except for the one open trade on the list so the usual disclaimers apply:  past results have no effect on any future results. It has been a while – I will try to update as soon as possible.

If learning more about these trades interests you go to my recommended course page.

Longer Term Trades:

May 17, 2011 – bought GDX Jun 56 Calls @ 1.52 – still in trade. Plan is to sell half my position at 3.04 – at a double and then have a free trade. Like I say that is the plan!  Here is a video describing the trade from entry to exit. Left click in the video box to begin the video!

For a copy of my Free Report:

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Non-directional Trades:
Trades Opened April 25:
B 350 Call $4.20 sold: 0.75
B 350 Put $3.40 sold: 4.25

B 525 Call $5.10 sold: 12.70
B 525 Put $4.49 sold: 0.55

B 255 Call $11.60 sold: 0.00
B 255 Put $12.20 sold: 26.00

B 545 Call $7.00 sold: 1.02
B 545 Put $6.18 sold: 12.60

Trades Opened May 2:
B 545 Call $4.30 sold: 2.00
B 545 Put $4.40 sold: 8.60

B 240 Call $3.70 sold: 2.38
B 240 Put $5.45 sold: 7.80

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